Project directors:
Professor Lionel Bently, University of Cambridge: lb329[at]
Professor Martin Kretschmer, CREATe, University of Glasgow: Martin.Kretschmer[at]

National editors:
Professor Ronan Deazley, University of Glasgow: ronan.deazley[at]
Dr Friedemann Kawohl, Villingen-Schwenningen: fkawohl[at]
Dr Joanna Kostylo, University of Cambridge: j.kostylo[at]
Dr Stef van Gompel, University of Amsterdam: S.J.vanGompel[at]
Dr Frédéric Rideau, Université de Poitiers: frederic.rideau[at]
Dr Oren Bracha, University of Texas: obracha[at]
Dr José Bellido, Birkbeck College, University of London: jabellido[at]

Luis Sundkvist, University of Cambridge: las36[at]

Karin Hoehne, Database design/Programming/Website design: karinhoehne[at]
Gaenor Moore, Secretary, Centre for Intellectual Property & Information Law (CIPIL): gm367[at]

The Research Group at work (March 2007)

From left to right:
Deazley, Bracha, Bently, Hoehne, Kawohl, Kostylo, Kretschmer and Rideau.