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1469* : Johannes of Speyer's Printing Monopoly (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1474* : Venetian Statute on Industrial Brevets (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1486* : Marco Antonio Sabellico's Printing Privilege (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1498* : Ottaviano Petrucci's Music Patent (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1501: Vergilius (Italy)

1501: Le Cose volgari. (Italy)

1502: Aldus Manutius's Petition against Counterfeiters (Italy)

1503* : Aldus Manutius's Warning against the Printers of Lyon (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1503: Scotto v. Benalio (Italy)

1503: Durante v. Torresani (Italy)

1504* : A woodcut by Albrecht Dürer plagiarized by Marcantonio Raimondi (Italy)

1506: 'Lamentationum Jeremie Prophete' (Italy)

1515* : Ariosto's Printing Privilege (Italy)

1516* : Appointment of Andrea Navagero as Literary Censor (Italy)

1516: Ugo da Carpi's Patent (Italy)

1517* : Venetian Decree on Press Affairs (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1526: Papal and Venetian Privileges for Sigismondo Fanti's 'Triompho di Fortuna' (Italy)

1527* : Venetian Decree on Pre-publication Censorship (Italy)

1531* : Antonio Blado's privilege for Machiavelli's works (Italy)

1531* : Bernardo Giunti's privilege for Machiavelli's works (Italy)

1532: Antonio Blado's edition of Machiavelli's 'History of Florence' (Italy)

1534: Melchiore Sessa's privilege for Machiavelli's works (Italy)

1545* : Venetian Decree on Author-Printer Relations (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1545* : Antonio Catalano's Teaching Licence (Italy)

1549* : Decree Establishing the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers (Italy) Commentary: [1]

1549* : Statutes of the Venetian Guild of Printers and Booksellers (Italy)

1568* : Giorgio Vasari, Life of Marcantonio of Bologna and Other Engravers of Prints (Italy)

1590* : Giovanni Fratta's 'On the Dedication of Books' (Italy)

1596* : Motu proprio controversy (Italy)

1603* : Venetian Decree on Privileges for New Books and Reprints (Italy)

1740: Venetian Decree Against Unauthorized Printing of Songs (Italy)

1780* : 'Pezzana e Consorti' case: supporting documents (Italy)

1780: Venetian Reprint of the French Decree of 30 August 1777, on the duration of privileges (Italy)

1781* : 'Pezzana e Consorti' case: counter-petition and rulings (Italy)

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