Primary Sources on Copyright (1450-1900)
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1710: Statute of Anne
1841: Folsom v. Marsh
1831: Copyright Act
1790: Copyright Act
1469: Johannes of Speyer's Printing Monopoly
1624: Statute of Monopolies
1474: Venetian Statute on Industrial Brevets
1774: Donaldson v. Becket
1769: Millar v. Taylor
1662: Licensing Act
1842: Copyright Act
1557: Stationers' Charter
1878: Royal Commission on Copyright: Minutes of Evidence
1504: A woodcut by Albrecht Dürer plagiarized by Marcantonio Raimondi
1886: International Copyright Act
1735: Engravers' Copyright Act
1870: Copinger's Law of Copyright
1814: Copyright Act
1886: Berne Convention
1870: Copyright Act

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233 privileges
230 duration
195 penalties
185 property theory
130 authorship
109 registration
107 books
95 authors' remuneration
94 deposit
91 book trade
89 transferability
82 music
75 translations
75 formalities
73 lobbying
72 learning
71 reprints
71 licensing
70 dramatic works
68 engravings

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